destroy this new idea that a woman can’t be strong if she cries over a man she’s lost. destroy the idea that you have to be cold and emotionally detached in order to be a strong woman

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Steve Rogers did, in fact, realize that something was off when he saw the outline of the woman’s odd bra (a push-up bra, he would later learn), but being an officer and a gentleman, he said that it was the game that gave the future away.


No, see, this scene is just amazing. The costume department deserves so many kudos for this, it’s unreal, especially given the fact that they pulled off Peggy pretty much flawlessly.

1) Her hair is completely wrong for the 40’s. No professional/working woman  would have her hair loose like that. Since they’re trying to pass this off as a military hospital, Steve would know that she would at least have her hair carefully pulled back, if maybe not in the elaborate coiffures that would have been popular.

2) Her tie? Too wide, too long. That’s a man’s tie, not a woman’s. They did, however, get the knot correct as far as I can see - that looks like a Windsor.

3) That. Bra. There is so much clashing between that bra and what Steve would expect (remember, he worked with a bunch of women for a long time) that it has to be intentional. She’s wearing a foam cup, which would have been unheard of back then. It’s also an exceptionally old or ill-fitting bra - why else can you see the tops of the cups? No woman would have been caught dead with misbehaving lingerie like that back then, and the soft satin cups of 40’s lingerie made it nearly impossible anyway. Her breasts are also sitting at a much lower angle than would be acceptable in the 40’s.

Look at his eyes. He knows by the time he gets to her hair that something is very, very wrong.

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Pi’s Kinyo Renai was released last week, Clover will be on November 1st…and these are good news!

L♥DK L-DK live action

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uwaaa I see the cute between them emi-chan gets the hot boys so excited for this drama and clover Ayano Go Takei Emi

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all them hot guys I like gotta catch em all Clover
You’ve got to be prepared for the names they are going to call you compared to your male peers… You will be a floozy and a slattern. He will be virile and a ladies’ man. You will be a freakshow, a retching wretch, a sloppy drunk. He will be charismatic, vainglorious, a ferocious drunk and Dionysian. You will be indiscriminate and desperate. He will be generous, tortured and driven.

– Courtney Love or the differing attitudes towards male and female rockstars. 

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Hey, remember that time Rupaul hung out with Nirvana, Courtney, and baby Frances Bean?

VMA ‘93

Title: All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You
Artist: Heart
Album: Brigade
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All I Wana Do Is Make Love To You | Heart

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I wonder how many times they had to do this scene

I was at All Hell Breaks Loose 5 today and Richard Speight Jr said that was Misha missing his cue so he did this instead


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finally catching up Supernatural


Sean Bean’s AMA has been great so far.

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that first track is nujabes incarnate coosick audio
Title: グッドバイ
Artist: toe
Album: For Long Tomorrow
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グッドバイ | toe

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The truth is, everyone likes to look down on someone. If your favorites are all avant-garde writers who throw in Sanskrit and German, you can look down on everyone. If your favorites are all Oprah Book Club books, you can at least look down on mystery readers. Mystery readers have sci-fi readers. Sci-fi can look down on fantasy. And yes, fantasy readers have their own snobbishness. I’ll bet this, though: in a hundred years, people will be writing a lot more dissertations on Harry Potter than on John Updike. Look, Charles Dickens wrote popular fiction. Shakespeare wrote popular fiction - until he wrote his sonnets, desperate to show the literati of his day that he was real artist. Edgar Allan Poe tied himself in knots because no one realized he was a genius. The core of the problem is how we want to define “literature”. The Latin root simply means “letters”. Those letters are either delivered - they connect with an audience - or they don’t. For some, that audience is a few thousand college professors and some critics. For others, its twenty million women desperate for romance in their lives. Those connections happen because the books successfully communicate something real about the human experience. Sure, there are trashy books that do really well, but that’s because there are trashy facets of humanity. What people value in their books - and thus what they count as literature - really tells you more about them than it does about the book.

– Brent Weeks (via victoriousvocabulary)

The last two sentences are dedicated to 50sog quotes

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